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Lace Wedding Garlands Light and airy, doilies and silk ribbons combine to make graceful garlands to be draped over pews at a spring wedding ceremony or festooned along reception tables.

Pink and Green Cakes

An Outdoor Wedding in Statham, GA & love cake,& says the bride. The couple served several different cakes decorated in pink-and-green swirls, stripes, and dots.

Green, Pink and White Bouquet

Jeanne carried a lush bouquet of hydrangeas, roses and freesias accented with lady’s slipper orchids. from the album: An Outdoor Wedding in Ipswich, MA

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Custom Banner Why save the traditional "Just Married" sign for your car-aided exit? Hang it up at your reception and you'll get more time to enjoy its message. Better yet, spell out your sentiments letter by letter using our alphabet template.

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Typography Banner A classic serif, a modern sans serif, and an ornate calligraphed font are just a click away. Pick the one that’s just your type, then use it to personalize a banner you can hang at your reception. Get the Typography Banner Clip Art

Candy Bag Favors

Candy Bag Favors- Still feel like a kid? Treat your guests with a goodie bag. photo by: Ricardo Serpa and Jonathan Mavila/Lux Images Photo

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