im actually not sure what this... is it was just so cute I had to pin it!


Ezo Momonga Native to Hokkaidō, this adorable flying squirrel is beloved for its huge eyes, round shape, and itty-bitty paws that eagerly grasp at pine needles to nibble on. 7 Incredibly Adorable Animals Unique to Hokkaido, Japan - My Modern Met

Crochet Totoro Coffee Mug Cozy Crochet Totoro by TheTastefulHooker, $14.00

Crochet Totoro Coffee Mug Cozy Crochet Totoro My Neighbor Totoro Coffee Mug Holder


Caroline created these edible cats out of a sweetened white bean paste (shiro-an) and glutinous rice (gyuhi). They're similar in texture to mochi, only a million times cuter.


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