The easiest, and prettiest, house plants to keep alive

Green Thumb: The Easiest Houseplants to Keep Alive

The easiest, and prettiest, house plants to keep alive. These are so great for if you are like me and can't take care of plants to save your life but love the liveliness plants bring to a living space.

Let’s talk about Indoor Plants. I will admit that I have had many a challenges with keeping them alive…from the Ficus Tree that I brought into the bathroom every time I took a shower so it can feel like it was in the Tropics…to the Countless Zebra Plants


Indoor olive tree with wicker basket in neutral living room on Thou Swell

♥ Love is in the Air ♥

Celebrate the return of warm weather with these fresh floral bouquets and centerpiece ideas. See Domino's top spring flower arrangements. For more spring decorations and home decor go to Domino.

Pretty and simple table centerpiece #StyleMadeSimple

Tulips~~I love this arrangement. I love the colors. I love the vase. I love it all!

フローラのガーデニング・園芸作業日記-ブラック ビオラ 寄せ植え

フローラのガーデニング・園芸作業日記-ブラック ビオラ 寄せ植え

今年は門松バージョンを作りました。 ¥3675 ひとり立ちバージョン ¥3675 壁掛けバージョン(10個限定です) ¥...

今年は門松バージョンを作りました。 ¥3675 ひとり立ちバージョン ¥3675 壁掛けバージョン(10個限定です) ¥...

I love doing these Colour Stories with Greta Kenyon and Naomi from Leaf & Honey, and this one was especially fun, not to mention pretty! The florals that Naomi created in shades of beautiful plum, lilac and peach are just … Continue reading →

3.11 チャリティ.プロジェクト<BR><BR>寄せ植え no.10<BR>『アネモネ×白ビオラ』 | すべての商品

3.11 チャリティ.プロジェクト<BR><BR>寄せ植え no.10<BR>『アネモネ×白ビオラ』 | すべての商品

La Maison d'Anna G.: Still life inspiration

Still life inspiration