maiko, Kyoto Japan

This picture is marked 'maiko, Kyoto Japan' but this lady's nagajuban is completely white, which would usually mark her as a Geisha rather than an apprentice Maiko.

Lotus flowers, Kyoto/蓮、京都

Lotus flowers at Mimuroto-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Lotus are my fav flower

Oiran 花魁 ~ Japanese courtesans back in 17th and 18th century. There're no more…

Oiran 花魁 - Japanese courtesans back in and century. There're no more Oiran in modern times but there're few Matsuri (festival) parading wearing Oiran costume. Be a geisha, be a geisha, be a geisha.

舞妓 maiko ふく那 fukuna 宮川町 KYOTO JAPAN

geisha-kai: “ April minarai Fukuna under cherry blossoms by Gaap on Photohito Minarai of Miyagawacho are allowed to wear full maiko attire after first week ”

OIRAN Parade 花魁道中 Kimono

OIRAN Parade - there are no Oiran in Japan now but the role is played by actresses in stunningly beautiful kimono for special celebrations

晩秋の円窓 ※2013年撮影

thekimonogallery: “ Meigetsu-in temple, Kamakura, Japan. Photography by Tomoyasu Chida ”


Neptune is beauty, but there is no value attached to what is beautiful. Neptune prefers the ephemeral but Neptune likes other stuff too. ********** Pastels Madame Butterfly – Beauty Editorial for First Magazin Photographer: Susanne Spiel

THA 2014 - TANAKA TOMOMI ・モデル/Name Management(ネイムマネジメント)/名古屋のモデル事務所・モデルエージェンシー…

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