Japanese sweets / 干菓子

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浅草 飴細工 アメシン

Uchiwa’ Lollipops: The Japanese have long established themselves as the experts of cute. When it comes to food, they can make it so awwdorable, that you will cry bitter tears blaming yourself for having eaten that sugary kitten.


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菓子木型 かしきがた

Kashikigata (traditional wooden tools for making Japanese dry sweets called Higashi)


Here Comes Another Cute Japanese Candy! Japanese traditional candies look so pretty aren't they? These candies are called temari ame, named after the japanese traditonal thread ball toy temari, for having a similar shape and look.

落雁 Rakugan 干菓子 Higashi

and little sweet masterpieces -shaped落雁 Rakugan 干菓子

Solar System And Galaxy Lollipops

Solar System And Galaxy Lollipops

I just worked out how to make these solar system lollipops! But I don’t have any spare resources to actually make these with, so I’m just going to type it out for you guys instead… Like, I haven’t actually made this yet, I just found the edible.