Uchikake, Wedding Kimono

Uchikake ~ a highly formal kimono worn by a bride or at a stage performance. It is supposed to be worn outside the actual kimono (called kakeshita or kosode) and obi (sash), as a sort of coat.


Japanese Kimono as Art,Japan - In studying the making of traditional Japanese clothing it seems to as ritualistic as the tea ceremony. I believe in progress but the old customs, the art of creating, hopefully will never be lost to Japan.


Traditional japanese kimono patterns, ideas for what I could use in my illustrations for the shining princess.

White Bare Tree Kimono

White Bare Tree Kimono - this may not be "traditional witch" but it sure appeals to me and since I am a proud witch, I claim it for us all.


Garment inspiration: Haori Jacket Collection on ZASUE; traditional Japanese design for contemporary wear

成人式の振袖 This is the kimono 20-year-old girls wear for Coming of Age ceremony. *

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Chart: This is the kimono girls wear for Coming of Age ceremony in Japan-parts are labeled in Japanese and in phonetic Japanese.