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DIY Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet

DIY Rose Bouquet Tutorial with Free Printable Template -- Don't know if I'd ever need/want a bouquet of paper roses. But I like and want to make note of how the stems/handle is done.


Stella de Libero 2014 oh alice with this floral and pastel couture ball gown ,evening dress you would be the princess of any prom,use it as an alternative bridal gown and it wouln't matter if the groom turned up you could quite happily marry it instead

クチュールメゾン ヒサコタカヤマ No.08-0039 | ウエディングドレス選びならBeauty Bride(ビューティーブライド)

This is surprisingly gorgeous. I wouldn't have liked a wedding gown with a floral print if someone had suggested it, but this is beautifully designed!

結婚式でのヘッドフラワー(ウェディングドレス) - comomo's Wedding note

結婚式でのヘッドフラワー(ウェディングドレス) - comomo's Wedding note