MARC JACOBS Rollerball Trio Gift Set (Limited Edition) available at #Nordstrom

MARC JACOBS Rollerball Trio Gift Set (Limited Edition) - her favorite scent or to try out new ones.

菊水酒造 ヨーグルトのお酒


pack / Baru by serge haelterman

Baru by serge haelterman, via Behance *** As art director at Creneau International I designed the logo, brand identity, packaging and point of sale for the Belgian Crazy Bad Wonderful chocolate brand BARÚ

Shen Fu Ren Ginseng Products

Shen Fu Ren Ginseng Products

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ETNIA cosmetics

New ETNIA packaging feels good. I love the texture that a mixture of patterns bring to each collection. Kudos to Lavernia-Cienfuegos, Spain

粟新 「穂の香」

The packaging of this fruit bar is so so incredibly sweet and cute! the simplicity and also the colour palette is so lovely they got together as a set really well


This bottle feels like a strange mix of the 2 liter soda bottle and a beer bottle, yet it works. it is interesting and awkward in a good way and would stand out as an intricate combination of designs to create one solid piece.

リンベル 山形県産フルーツの「プレミアムデザートジュース 6本セット」

リンベル 山形県産フルーツの「プレミアムデザートジュース 6本セット」

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