I've said the same about other porches, but THIS! THIS is where I'd spend all my mornings and evenings.

porch bed swing My dream porch but screened in 😍 something closable to be able to lay out on the bed while the rain comes down on a Sunday night without getting wet causing the deck or bed to get damp at all.

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Tale the inside out for fall decorating! A cozy balcony with lit LED light chains, a canopy, lanterns with lit candles and a sofa filled with cushions and sheepskin rugs.


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緑(プライベートガーデン)を家中から感じる事のできるコートハウス。 開放感のあるバスルームは一日の疲れを癒す。

House with the bath of bird: Sakurayama-Architect-Designが手掛けたモダン家です。

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Before & After: The Teeny Tiny Balcony Total Makeover — Decorating Project

Blue Patio, Mykonos, Greece photo via buddhainteriors

Blue Patio, Mykonos, Greece photo via buddhainteriors Fairytail patio with sweet bright colors, beautiful windows and doors, playful sunlight and flowers. Craving a cup of jasmine tea and sugar