Kitsune 狐 significa zorro, animal que constituye un elemento de singular importancia en el folclore japonés, de hecho se utiliza para nombrar a un espíritu cuya función clásica es la de proteger bosques y aldeas.

Kitsune fox, an animal that is an element of particular importance in Japanese folklore, in fact is used to name a classical spirit whose function is to protect forests and villages

Maiko- So pretty :) Makes me want to watch memoirs of a geisha

You can tell she's a maiko by the color of her inner kimono. Maiko will commonly wear red or white patterned collars, whereas geisha will wear plain white collars

Maiko dressed with Kanzashi (Japanese hair accessory): photo b NAEYES

First-year maiko-san, with dangling kanzashi cascade and only her lower lip painted - February kanzashi


KYOTO, JAPAN - JUNE Unidentified Maiko on houjoue event stands on the famous Shirakawa street in the Gion district on June , 2011 in Kyoto, Japan. Maiko is the title given to Geisha.