beautiful packaging

Not tin, but oh, my! Artea Tea set, hand-made style designed for creative persons. The consumer has the choice to make the tea they want which coincides with their mood and situation.

Japanese packaging for rice


Shirokuma Rice Packaging by Ryuta Ishikawa. I would buy this brand of rice just for the packaging! via: Spoon & Tamago

My Abuela's Table not only tells the tale of a love affair with Mexican cuisine (and exactly how to make it), but shares the great affection Daniella Germain holds for her grandparents Abuelo and Abuela, and charmingly illustrates the couples own bond, di

I think the box design is extremely unique on this package. It's a triangle with rounded edges.

Packaging for Zodiac tea

Zodiac Tea

Packaging and branding for Zodiac - Polish assorted tea. "The design combines the Chinese zodiac wheel with traditional Polish paper-cuts." "The design combines the Chinese zodiac wheel with traditional Polish paper-cuts.

Coffee Scrub Soap - NOCTURNALIA Owl Soap - Natural, Handmade, Cold Processed, Vegan.

Coffee Scrub Soap - Natural, Handmade, Cold Processed, Vegan

cheese set

Williams-Sonoma Cheese Trays, Bags & Sticker Set

12 Gifts For the Cheese Addict: You probably know a few chocoholics or caffeine fiends, but what about serious cheese addicts, who just can't resist slicing into a fancy wedge of cheese anytime the opportunity arises?

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Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling

Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling is a limited edition Bird Garden Design. Pure spring water in a champagne bottle. Designed by Creative Platform, Sydney Australia Fashion Designer: Akira Isogawa