Sushi Napoleon. All the goodness of sushi without the price or the poor rolling technique? yes, please!

No Face Plate: Sushi Napolean, for kicks.Looks like a sushi birthday cake!


"Davis Roll: The best sushi you will ever have in your life." This was said by another Pinner and I think they are right .

Japanese sushi cuisine

In Japanese food terminology, the word “sushi’ actually refers to vinegar rice, and not fish, while the word “sashimi” means pierced flesh.

Sushi Bowl with Asparagus and Avocado


Seaweed rice, bacon, corn salad, egg with broth soup and pickled radish

Japanese food

Japanese breakfast 和プレートで朝食 not a recipe, and everything is in japanese, but it certainly has me drooling.glad there's no natto in it.

朝ご飯 牛しぐれ煮と枝豆のお握り定食 山芋とオクラの梅おかか和え @ayanolloon さんから教えて貰ったおからハンバーグも♡ありがとうございます♡美味しかったです♬(•́✧•̀●) - @stillaban- #webstagram

And tossed cattle Shigure boiled rice ball and set meal of edamame yam and okra plum bonito


Tip: Serve all courses together. Presenting starter, main course, side dishes and dessert all at once makes the meal look huge and more satisfying.