necklace holder

garden rake necklace holder, I have this in my room now, seriously the best way I can organize my of necklaces!

Stack 4 Lack Side Tables from Ikea to make a shelf for the towels downstairs - $7.99 ea

IKEA Lack Table Hack – Get 20 Ideas!

Euroluce 2015

Luceplan Mesh Light by Francisco Gomez Paz at Euroluce Milan. Demonstrating the remarkable properties of LEDs, the light is constructed from a web of metallic cables and LED lights that can be turned on and off in individual sections.

Scott and I used to have this 8ft. tall ladder, that we kept in our room to hang clothes on. Instead of throwing our clothes on the floor, like any self respecting slob, we'd throw them on the ladder. At the end of the week we had a ladder to clean, not a messy floor. I think I may try to make this nifty coat rack with my dad, to replace the ladder...

Utterly DIYable Coat Rack

A modern take on a classic idea, Lodelei coat rack was created by designers Martin Pärn and Edina Dufala-Pärn for Nils Holger Moormann. The piece includes a frame with hooks and a canvas pocket for bags and smaller items.

House in Nada / Fujiwarramuro Architects

House in Nada / FujiwaraMuro Architects

selectism: “ Narrow House in Nada, Japan by Fujiwaramuro Architects: Japanese architects continue to make great things from small spaces, this Narrow House in Nada, Kobe, Japan a great example of.



like the idea but sitting on the ground is uncomfortable especially for older guests. Cozy probably a bit more casual than even a traditional casual reception. Definitely reminds of summer picnic's.

【リビング・ダイニングの隣の中庭リゾート】一人掛けソファの置かれたテラスの屋外リビング | 住宅デザイン もっと見る


Susan Horacek’s eclectic Fitzroy home. Photo – Annette O’Brien. Production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

モロッコタイル柄レースカーテン (イージーオーダー)(1枚) 写真1

モロッコタイル柄レースカーテン (イージーオーダー)(1枚) 写真1