Wagashi   Kyoto 京栗菓匠 若菜屋  「焼き栗きんとん」

Could be an idea for mashed potato representation or do this to mashed potato - not sure how it would taste cold though Japanese food is really good not only the taste but also the appearance!

Wagashi  Kyoto とらや 「霜紅梅 」

Mid-Winter Wagashi: Kyoto Toraya Red Plum Blossom with Frost Theme Namagashi Confection 京都 とらや 霜紅梅 生菓子

Wagashi: Kamishichiken Oimatsu Natsumikan Bitter Citrus Summer Jelly 老松 夏柑糖

Natsumikan is a bitter citrus from Kyushu that is used in this thirst quenching summer jelly that appeals to all the senses.

Wagashi Kyoto  仁々木  「かりんとう」

Wagashi Kyoto 仁々木 「かりんとう」

Wagashi Kyoto  亀屋良長   「京半月 月見うさぎ」

Wagashi Kyoto 亀屋良長 「京半月 月見うさぎ」

Wagashi Kyoto Marutamachiya Soba Boro Cookie 丸太町かわらまち屋 蕎麦ぼうろ

Soba Boro is a traditional Japanese cookie that is made with soba (buckwheat) flour and lots of egg. The texture is similar to biscotti. It is a traditional

Wagashi Kyoto 亀屋良長 「 ゆみはり 」

Wagashi Kyoto 亀屋良長 「 ゆみはり 」

Kansai-style Sakura Mochi 関西風桜餅

Kanto-style Sakuramochi Sakuramochi is a sweet rice cake which is traditionally eaten on Japanese Girls Day. There are some kinds of sakuramochi in Japan. This is a recipe to make Kanto-style (eastern Japan) sakuramochi.

Wagashi Kyoto 七條甘春堂 「抹茶器」photo by maco-nonch

Wagashi Kyoto 七條甘春堂 「抹茶器」photo by maco-nonch