Daitoku-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan 高桐院参道 #緑 #Green #Kyoto

lifeisverybeautiful: “ Daitoku-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan via GANREF 参道 ”


Firefly, Detroit, Michigan The only thing I miss about living in the South - the beautiful sight of fireflies (They were wiped out in Urban areas in the by the mosquito abatement DDT applications - we had to drive out of town to see them)

外国人「日本が不思議の国に変貌!」雪化粧した京都の美しさが海外で話題に→海外「これが見れた人はラッキーだ」 海外の反応|海外まとめネット | 海外の反応まとめブログ

Rare Heavy Snowfall Turns Kyoto Into Magical Winter Wonderland (Bored Panda)