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4分ダイエット体操!運動嫌いな50代でもみるみる脂肪が落ちて筋肉がつく! - YouTube

4分ダイエット体操!運動嫌いな50代でもみるみる脂肪が落ちて筋肉がつく! - YouTube

sweet silhouette

Midnight snack Ill be sure to keep a little fridge for my kids when they are potty trained to have a snack in the middle of the night. my mom said i did this all the time and she kept little snack stuff at the bottom of the fridge for me to grab!

Time is fast. If i can only make it stop when your here. Just to sit beside you talk anything under the sun, laugh and just enjoy each others company. But i cant control the time i cant even go back in time.. but i love him.

"How do you measure time?" Do you fill it with memories of the past or do you chase it with the heart-felt thoughts of what might-have-been. thoughts of what could have evolved if you'd turned left instead of right?

L'afro d'une jolie petite fille

If any of our kids are lucky enough to get their daddy's afro I will never cut it. Just nice trims.I love big afro hair so much