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I told you to stay in the box so I can wrap the box and have you be a big surprise when they open it.


Does this mean that this cat is sick? I heard that animals which do something like this are sick animals. Source by

deedeedelfuego: Dee Dee’s happy face is never not delightful. Can you believe how many notes this Dee Dee post has?


shawty had them apple bottom jeans, boots wit da fur. this cat is definitely shawty.

【画像多数】 もっふもふ過ぎる、長毛猫さん達の画像集 : 〓 ねこメモ 〓

【画像多数】 もっふもふ過ぎる、長毛猫さん達の画像集

After picking the Internet's smiliest cat, now we're on a mission to find the world's fluffiest cat.

現場でもとても大人しくおりこうさん もっと見る

画像(6/10) 「猫侍」北村一輝、かわいすぎるスター猫「あなご」と登場