Illuminati Satanic NWO Agenda: HIDDEN EYE The sign is made by hidding one of the eye, preferably the left, represents the Eye of Horus. The right eye of Lucifer, or the All-Seeing Eye is the most important Illuminati symbol. It is used to demonstrate allegiance to the Order or for branding.

Illustrations On Fashion Magazines Covers

Cover’ by Ana Strumpf. Using bold, Keith Haring-esque strokes with Sharpie and DecoColour pens, New York-based artist, Ana Strumpf, transforms magazine covers and famous faces with playful graffiti.


東京ガールズコレクション(TGC) on

Using a scratch function would be very interesting for this type of design.

2016年必ず行くべき東京近郊の日本酒イベント(7月~8月) - しーたかの日本酒アーカイブ

2016年必ず行くべき東京近郊の日本酒イベント(7月~8月) - しーたかの日本酒アーカイブ