Chanel is never tired of layering pearl jewelry. How many pearl necklaces is she wearing?!

23 Most Breathtaking Jewelry Trends in 2017 - Wearing different jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings plays a major role in increasing your beauty and enhancing your eleg.

Christian Dior vintage

Accessory line in Christian Dior Fall/ Winter 2012 collection is all about the vintage luxury. Beret hats with fur pop-poms, colorful .

Elegance..soft colors, pleated dress and cardigan, gloves...very feminine.

This photo has a very classy and retro feel, I like the doll-like stature of the model and the clothes she's wearing look very delicate and vintage.

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Might be good for a Final Fantasy Black Mage costume :D Prunkvolles*Elben*Mittelalterkleid*Brokat*Gewand*Gothik

Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018 Fashion Show Collection

Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018 Fashion Show

This **Johanna Ortiz** trench coat features a collarless neckline and a wrap style.

♡ファッション大好き!♡海外の超お洒落なおばあちゃんまとめ♡ - curet [キュレット] まとめ

Fashionable Older Ladies - NYC Fashion Week 2013 - love for fashion and expressing your personality

A model poses during the Byron Lars Beauty Mark Fall 2011 presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Stanley Kaplan Penthouse on February 11, 2011 in New York City.

Byron Lars Beauty Mark - Presentation - Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Would not wear it now but LOVE IT Pleats & buttons. This effect would be lovely on a steampunk outfit.

Victorian Asia

Original Pinner wrote: "A goal to reach for my steampunk character: Cera Bennett-Copperfield when she's about town or spying on the elite.

'Fair Play' with Jemma Baines in the Marie Claire November 2013 issue Photographer: Troyt Coburn Stylist: Aileen Marr Hair: Daren Borthwick Makeup: Sarah Tammer from: ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other

1952 - Model Anne Gunning wearing a camisole sheath in white pique. (photo by Norman Parkinson) - (vintage lady, style, fashion, dress, hats)