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A pastel Memphis-inspired color palette and layout is evident in this poster designed by Carmen Nácher

Brent Couchman created this amazing print, Good Work Takes Hard Work, as his contribution to Friends of Type (an awesome website that features new and original typographic design and lettering every day). As for his inspiration for the piece, Brent…



Across the United States, natural darkness is an endangered resource. East of the Mississippi, it is already extinct; even in the West, night sky connoisseurs admit that it's quicker to find true darkness by flying to Alice Springs, Australia, than traveling to anywhere in the lower forty-eight.  Ever since the nation's first electric streetlight made its debut in Cleveland, on April 29, 1879, the American night has become steadily brighter.

Let There Be Night

The national parks that protect our views of the wildlife and landscape by day, also protect our views of the starry sky above. Half the park happens after dark; come to the parks this year and see the Milky Way.

See the colors of logo design around the world's brands.

Being 'in the trade' I found this graphic very interesting. Colour spectrum of world brand logos. What colour is your logo?