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Architect David Adjaye and writer Taiye Selasi have developed a folly called the Gwangju River Reading Room. It is positioned on the embankment of the Gwangju River, connecting the street level above with the grassy flood planes used as a seasonal.


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ensamble studio has erected & of landscape& at montana& tippet rise art center, a series of monumental structures cast from the terrain.


sickfuture: original photo by Nicolas de Camaret edit by end-colors

Hong Kong’s Last Neon Lights Still Look Totally <em>Blade Runner</em> | Credit: Sharon Blance  | From Wired.com

Hong Kong’s Last Neon Lights Still Look Totally Blade Runner

Photos Immortalize Hong Kong's Bright Neon Signs Before They All Disappear - My Modern Met


Image 1 of 32 from gallery of 5 Houses / Carlos Alejandro Ciravegna. Photograph by Gonzalo Viramonte