Very short in the back, but long in the front

with longer bangs. also it would be better if the sides and back were longer, more like a regular pixie cut. with longer bangs.

Stella Maxwell

I can't believe I let my hair grow back slightly and they tell me I have reoccurred. Osteosarcoma is back. Needless to say 'I lit up like a Christmas tree' - Stella Mais

she's so cute holy shit

This is exactly how I want Cales hair. And brown is her original color °~°

Alba Galocha

If you want to update your style and get the look that you have always wanted bob hairstyle is the latest hair trend to nail this. From layered bob haircuts.

Short hair

there is nothing better, simpler, or more chic than a well-styled pixie. particularly when you keep those eyebrows dark and lips darker. Smalldridge what if I got my hair cut like this :)