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「口癖はカレ-」 2nd impact オフィシャルTシャツ、サイズ受注生産|Finch diary

「口癖はカレ-」 2nd impact オフィシャルTシャツ、サイズ受注生産|Finch diary

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Kabuki Pink lipstick, from Mademoiselle, January 1959 (vintage makeup ad)

“You can’t get fat from lipstick” – the secret language of lipstick names - The Chromologist

Lipstick ad (1960s)

1966 Frosted pink/white lipstick - that's all you would have found in my purse then - this is from a Nov 1966 ad in Mademoiselle magazine

きがるにいってくれるなあ。 wfsp: may 冬コミ原稿進捗

きがるにいってくれるなあ。 wfsp: may 冬コミ原稿進捗