Ola 1 smalkais cukurs10g Milti (rīsu milti 20g)15g cepamais pulveris1g piens10g

材料5つ!幸せのパンケーキ風♡スフレパンケーキ♪ レシピ・作り方

Japanese Souffle Pancakes (for one person ) Egg (red egg pieceGranulated gLight flour or strong flour (rice flour 20 gBaking g

Totoro Bento


Epic little soot sprite onigiri with a little bit of Totoro and Catbus on the side makes for a box full of cuteness!

くま パン

Puss in Boots Friend bread Bears Recipe ingredients recipe makes 15 small bread bears) 200 bread flour

"Santa Claus (strawberry & shipped cream)" - japanese recipe/いちごのサンタクロース/いちごと生クリームのデザート

いちごのサンタクロース レシピ・作り方

レタスクラブの簡単料理レシピ お約束の半熟卵と大根も一緒に「とろとろ豚玉角煮」のレシピです。


レタスクラブの簡単料理レシピ お約束の半熟卵と大根も一緒に「とろとろ豚玉角煮」のレシピです。



Chirashi-zushi, sushi rice with ingredients sprinkled on top

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easy cat bento w/ recipe


Japanese Sushi ōtoro (pink fatty tuna) 大とろ

Japanese Sushi ōtoro (大とろ, pink fatty tuna) Best thing in the world.

zzz bento

Rilakkuma character box lunch (this one is Omurice, contemporary Japanese cuisine consisting of an omelette made with fried rice)



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