I would sit on that porch with my feet up, a cold drink, and read alllll day long. Perfection

Back porch-I like the railing (minus the design swirl thing) and that it breaks in the middle to have steps that lead to the back yard. Also, I like that there's space for a swing and chairs.

Shimabara city is a famous for spring water, then the pond in "Shimeiso", 1,000 tons of water spring out in a day.「湧水庭園四明荘」屋敷内にある池は毎日1000㌧の水が湧き出ているとのことです。

Can't bring the ocean to your backyard? You could always set up a koi pond underneath your back porch.


This just may be my favorite "library" pin ever. The colors are warm and earthy, love the wall color and equestrian art. Everything literally glows.

Yさんのストール/スヌード「KBF KBF チェックストール」を使ったコーディネート


Yさんのストール/スヌード「KBF KBF チェックストール」を使ったコーディネート

beautiful porch

Wrap around porch with flowers! Now if it connects to a screened in sun room on the side of the house which connects to a beautiful open patio on the back.well, then its golden :)



Estoy triste

Heartbreaking I agree! Brought tears to my eyes.:he dug into his humans grave to try to be closer to them

Alternative Christmas tree ideas, tree from christmas decorations on wall

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Christmas Tree New Year Pattern

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真似する人続出♡話題の「#樋口さんちの餃子」が美味しそう! - Locari(ロカリ)


真似する人続出♡話題の「#樋口さんちの餃子」が美味しそう! - Locari(ロカリ)