筆記体の企業ロゴやブランドマークをまとめてみた : きよおと-KiYOTO

筆記体の企業ロゴやブランドマークをまとめてみた : きよおと-KiYOTO もっと見る

Elzorro R. - Stoners World:ホントどれも好みすぎてやばい。

Elzorro R. - Stoners World:ホントどれも好みすぎてやばい。

This design has a good balance of simplicity and detail. Its clever with the use of film for the ice cream. The font design is also nice because of the different variations of size. There is a great color scheme going, especially with the film strips being the brightest colors against a more subdued background.

済 Carlos Zamora celluloid ice cream

Friday Inspiration: Typography « Thoughts on users, experience, and design from the folks at InVision.

Love this. Could be a good poster idea. 黒板に手描きの伝言板のような リラックスしたビジュアルが 送り手の楽しさを伝える。



tarjeta de visita en forma de LCD de la cámara para el fotógrafo

tarjeta de visita en forma de LCD de la cámara para el fotógrafo

Young Jerks - created via

Young Jerks - created via



Harry Potter Quote!

Imagine better! Sign up for the Skinny Ms. eNewsletter to continue feeling inspired.:あんまり使わない色味なので参考。以前にとてもいい感じ。

Love that negative space lettering. Type by @kuyageorge #typegang -

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