Hold on Tight bookshelf by ColleenAndEric.com - Even in the digital age, we all still have personal libraries of books we just can't let go of. Use the Hold on Tight bookshelf to keep your most treasured books upright, on display, and close at hand. A brightly-coloured aluminum cube and oversized wing nut serve as a sliding bookend which can be adjusted and secured wherever it is needed, whether your book collection is growing or shrinking. Offered in Beech, Walnut and Oak. (41"L x 11"H x…

Hold On Tight, An Adjustable Bookshelf Concept


スニーカー好きとしては、靴の収納って悩みます。 お気に入りのスニーカーが見えるようにずらっと並べたいけど、玄関 […]


スニーカー好きとしては、靴の収納って悩みます。 お気に入りのスニーカーが見えるようにずらっと並べたいけど、玄関 […] もっと見る


ナチュラル外構・ナチュラルなお庭 もっと見る

【木工不木工】因著環保概念,系統櫃漸漸成為一種趨勢,但是還是無法取代這種手工打造一體成型的壁龕。 --Y.

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