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Kitchen Ideas

Looking for the best kitchen design ideas? Also, get a sneak peek into kitchen organisation hacks, kitchen storage tips and when you're done explore all of our…
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This villa in Hyderabad has a simple kitchen design makeover to go from blah to tada! Take a tour to see how a smart design can make your kitchen functional and beautiful at the same


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When it comes to modular kitchens, you need to know what materials to pick, which accessories suit you best and so on. Check out this ultimate kitchen guide for your home.


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For a home chef or a person who enjoys cooking, the kitchen is probably the most important space in the house. Livspace homeowner Rohit Paul is one of those passionate cooks who enjoys cooking for his family and friends in his new black and white kitchen! For him, the kitchen has endless possibilities to sauté, roast and poach his creations. Get inspired by a video tour of this black and white kitchen that is packed with 3 functional features that every home chef will love!

Livspace Homes

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One of the major concerns for any Indian home is the kitchen — how it looks and functions. Considering that homeowners spend 2.5 to 3 hours in the kitchen every day, on average, it is obvious that the kitchen should be well designed. We at Livspace are here to address these major issues and tell you more about modular kitchen design price points.


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Wondering about the cost of an island kitchen? Use our smart tool to get a price estimate! Try NOW!
When you think of an interior design for the kitchen, there are certain aspects that immediately come to your mind. The layout of the kitchen — if it should be an open or a closed kitchen. You would also consider the shape of the kitchen — whether it is an L-shaped kitchen, a U-shaped one or a parallel kitchen matters. You might also consider whether to opt for modular kitchen ideas in India or consider semi-modular cabinetry for the space. So here are some kitchen design styles to choose from.
An easy simple kitchen design in Indian style offers quality and convenience along with fulfilling the individual needs of homeowners. From modern small simple kitchen design ideas to easy simple kitchen designs for low-cost preferences, we have it all here. Below is a compiled list of 50+ kitchens from Livspace homes for inspiration. Check them out!


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Kitchen Organisation - HOME ORGANISATION

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Kitchen Designs - GUIDES

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A contemporary style is adopted throughout this kitchen design. The wooden flooring complements the bright yellow lower cabinets. The top cabinets come with a light tone and go well with the grey textured walls in this kitchen. The space is equipped with a huge fridge and a stove top with a chimney. The spacious kitchen design also includes a dining table unit with a round table and three chairs.
A country-style open kitchen with yellow cabinets and exposed brick walls. Exuding a rustic and cosy vibe, this style is perfect for Indian kitchens. Click here to know the 10+ kitchen design styles most recommended for Indian homes.
Our grandmothers probably sat down and cooked on low-height hearths and the storage around them was set up accordingly. So, the concept of a standing kitchen itself is new to our country. So, we bring you 25+ kitchen designs suitable for Indian homes.

Kitchen Designs - KITCHEN

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The modular kitchen fittings you choose have a critical impact on your kitchen interior budget. You don’t need all of these fittings, but you can choose your perfect combination of these to save your budget and meet all your needs at the same time!
Following an L-shaped layout, this small kitchen is simple and cute. Its remodel was done on a budget and has got everything, from storage to accessories, that one needs. Click here to take the whole tour.
The Kohlis wanted their compact kitchen completely renovated to tackle the functionality and storage issues they faced. Livspace designer Ismail Nek turned the family’s cramped kitchen into a highly functional and easily accessible space — that’s charming too — after kitchen remodelling. Ismail made sure that every inch of this 10ft x 6ft kitchen is put to good use. Now, let’s take a tour of this practical and pretty kitchen to see how this was done.

Kitchen Designs - KITCHEN DESIGN

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Many homeowners prefer to spend the lion’s share of their budget on the kitchen to ensure that it is both beautiful and functional. While everyone may not have the same budget, at Livspace, we have the expertise to offer impeccable designs irrespective of budget. So, to inspire you, we have compiled the best kitchen designs by Livspace across all budgets.
When it comes to home interiors, breakfast counters are a great family-friendly and sociable component of designs. In simple terms, they serve as soft buffer zones between our living areas and kitchens. And subtly, these breakfast counter designs also benefit home management by shifting the burden of daily maintenance from the dining area to the kitchen. Read on to find out more about the features that make them utilitarian.
If you’re wondering what the best kitchen interior designers in Chennai can do for you, check out the story of this modular kitchen in Chennai.

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Want to have a clean kitchen all the time? You might have to design one from scratch! Here are some tips to keep in mind for designing an easy-to-clean kitchen.
You know that trends are seasonal and keep changing every year. But you know what else keeps changing periodically? Your tastes and preferences! Most people buy a home once but keep renovating it every few years. And the kitchen, being the room that receives the maximum footfalls, requires regular maintenance and renovation once every few years. But how much will it cost you to renovate your kitchen? We can help give you a detailed breakdown of the modular kitchen cost per sq. ft.

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Considering that homeowners spend 2.5 to 3 hours in the kitchen every day, on average, it is obvious that the kitchen should be well designed. When you decide to upgrade your kitchen to a modular one, there are plenty of questions to address, ranging from kitchen materials to modular kitchen costs. We at Livspace hope to address these major issues and tell you more about modular kitchen design price points. This guide will give you the complete lowdown.

Kitchen 101 - EXPERT ADVICE

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Wiping grease and stains off kitchen cabinets is easily one of the most arduous chores there is. However, it’s a necessary evil when it comes to keeping your kitchen hygienic and spotless. It may be tempting to use cleaning agents that cut through the muck easily, but you risk damaging the finish of cabinets. If you’re wondering how to clean kitchen cabinets while bypassing the damage, we’ve got some home remedies for you!


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We’ve heard these queries quite often: Which is the best kitchen material for cabinets? Which countertop can withstand masala spills? Which backsplash material is the most cost-effective? Moreover, the material used in each part of your kitchen decides how your kitchen looks and what it can endure over time. Hence, we’ve tried to address your concerns as homeowners with respect to durability, maintenance and cost to help you decide on the best kitchen materials.
The countertop is one such part of a kitchen that determines how much time you need to spend on cleaning and maintenance. While a range of kitchen countertop materials is available in the market, a quartz countertop is quite popular amongst customers. In this guide, we give you all the details: pros, cons and cost of quartz countertops.

Kitchen 101 - Materials

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Despite kitchen cabinets generally serving the purpose of storage, there are certain items you should avoid storing in your kitchen base cabinets. They’re considered prime real estate and are usually much larger than other cabinets. This means they’re best used to store items you don’t need in the near future as well as large appliances that don’t fit elsewhere. As for what you shouldn’t store in your kitchen base cabinets, here’s a concise list:
Exasperated every time you walk into your cramped kitchen? Worry not! You can still stretch this small space. Our interior designers give clever, easy solutions for your small kitchen design:
An Indian favourite, this kitchen layout successfully links the stove, workspace and sink in a functional work triangle. If the home in question has more square footage to play around with, an L-shaped kitchen can also incorporate a kitchen island dedicated to prepping or dining without making the space seem cluttered. Here's Everything that you need to know about L-shaped kitchens.

Kitchen 101 - Kitchen

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Planning to whip up some delicious pancakes for breakfast but don’t have the right pan? Or maybe the recipe you’re following calls for a wok and you don’t know a substitute? Finding the right cookware for your culinary project is by no means an easy task. However, we bring you a list of some types of pans and cookware, in general, for use across dishes to make that home-based cook-off a reality.
Wrestling with a small kitchen or a kitchenette? You’re probably already familiar with the nightmare of keeping things organised. With pots and pans spilling out of drawers and appliances overflowing on kitchen counters, it can be hard to identify just where to start organising. From managing a budget to designating spaces for seamless multi-tasking, this guide to small compact kitchen ideas will form a veritable handbook on how to get the better o restrictive kitchen space.
With changing lifestyles and eating habits, what’s the most obvious change we see in homes nowadays? Why, the kitchen, of course! And as we go from home to home, there’s an interesting trend we cannot help but observe – the absence of wall cabinets in kitchens. So we dug deeper into this trend that’s quickly catching on, and we assure you, it’s quite interesting.

Kitchen 101 - 기타

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A shabbily set up kitchen makes cooking an ordeal; especially when you’re on the go and need to whip up something quick. This is where smart kitchen organisation becomes a necessity. Well, fret not because here’s a chance for you to set your kitchen just right with 41 genius kitchen organisation ideas.
Some studies say that the average adult spends an hour every day prepping and cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen is the room that receives the maximum footfall in your home. Considering the amount of time you spend here, you would obviously want your kitchen to be comfortable and convenient. But comfort shouldn’t make a hole in your pocket! Before you finalise your design, here is how to reduce kitchen design costs with these 7 easy hacks (special inputs from interior designer Heny Savla).


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Wondering how much the design of your L-shaped kitchen will cost? With our new tool, you can now design your kitchen right on our website and get the price estimate, all on your own!
If you think it is impossible to get a kitchen that is fully equipped, stunning and practical at a reasonable cost, we are here to change your mind. Take a tour of home chef and baker Anu Khanna’s kitchen and be wowed (just as we were). Major changes have been made to this small kitchen interior and that too under ₹2 lakh.

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An L-shaped kitchen design is where the countertop resembles the letter ‘L’. This basic kitchen layout is preferred by many homeowners and is one of the most popular layouts for Indian kitchens. Wondering why? This is mainly because this layout provides ample space to work, facilitating an easy, efficient and practical workflow. The highlight of the L-shaped modular kitchen designs is that they can fit into all kinds of spaces: small, medium and large.
From choosing different colours to carefully considering the ergonomics, you will find the entire process worth it when you get your dream kitchen. However, most Indians just stick with the good old granite kitchen countertop design. If they want plush, they look at a modern countertop design in marble. But, there are many countertop options to choose from. Here’s a list of the best kitchen countertop design ideas —because you deserve to be spoilt for choice.
When we talk about an open kitchen concept, what’s the first thing you visualise? A large, spacious kitchen, right? What if we told you that an open kitchen is perfect even for a small apartment? Unbelievable, isn’t it! The fact of the matter is that an open kitchen offers several benefits when space is scarce.

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Know all about semi-modular kitchens.
We know how hard kitchen renovation can be. So many elements to include and all within your budget. So, we devised a tool to help you with this. Click here and start building your parallel kitchen with a clear-cut cost breakup.

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Kitchen Storage Mistakes - KITCHEN

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Hidden Refrigerator Cabinet!
Advantages of Integrated Fridges: Aesthetic Harmony: Seamless kitchen design bliss. 🎨 Space Optimization: Efficient use of space. 🚀 Customization Elegance: Tailor to your style. ✨ Property Value Boost: Invest in kitchen allure. 💰 Modern Elegance: Sleek and contemporary vibes. 🔍 Efficient Functionality: Smart cooling solutions. 🌬️ Easy-Clean Design: Hygienic and hassle-free. 🧼 Quiet Operation: Peaceful kitchen vibes. 🤫 #KitchenDesign #IntegratedAppliances #HomeStyle #EfficiencyInDesign
gas-stove-design-ideas Gas Stove, Hobs, Cooktop, Kitchen Countertops
Choosing the Right Cooktop: Built-in Hob vs Freestanding Gas Stove Design
In the market for gas stove designs for your kitchen countertop? You will find numerous material and burner options to choose from. However, there’s another important choice you will make: you will be choosing between a built-in hob and a freestanding gas stove design. This guide will help you select the right option for you.
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13+ Kitchen Door Designs to Step Up Your Kitchen Game
Kitchen door designs are possibly the most overlooked aspect of designing or renovating your dream kitchen. While choosing the right kitchen door design might look like a small detail, it not only fulfils a practical function, but also impacts the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Check out stunning designs.
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Kitchen Trolley Design Ideas: 10 Trendy Kitchen Trolley Designs for Your Kitchen
You can’t have a great modular kitchen without a handful of equally great kitchen trolley design ideas. Not only do they form an important component of your modular set-up, but also help you keep everything organised and easily accessible. Popularly known as kitchen accessories, kitchen trolleys can be of many types. Before we show you some brilliant kitchen trolley design ideas you can try for your own home, let’s explain what a kitchen trolley really is.
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40 Unbelievable Island Kitchen Designs You Can Easily Steal Inspiration From
Don’t you just love how easily kitchen island designs can elevate the look of your home, while also easing your cooking woes? What’s more, there are a multitude of kitchen island design ideas to choose from when it comes to selecting the right one for your space. Curious to know which one will suit your kitchen? Be sure to check out this comprehensive list!
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5+ Grey Kitchens That Are Drop Dead Gorgeous
Grey kitchens are the latest fad in contemporary Indian homes. Why? Grey kitchen design is just as versatile as black or white and can be easily adapted to a variety of styles and spaces. Also, in a warm climate like ours, grey kitchen ideas offer a pleasantly cool dimension to homes. Check out our collection of Livspace grey modular kitchens that are currently in vogue.
modular-kitchen-design-in-chennai Kitchen Cost, Kitchen On A Budget, Kitchen Layout, Beautiful Interiors, Beautiful Homes, Andrew Zimmern, Purple Kitchen
S Krishnan’s Stunning Budget Kitchen in Chennai Will Teach You 5 Amazing Design Tips
American chef Andrew Zimmern rightly said, “Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen”. As such, kitchens need to be designed with tons of love, care and a dash of interior design expertise. So today, we’re going to give you a tour of S Krishnan’s Chennai kitchen, one that is a functional masterpiece designed under ₹2,15,000. Join us as we reveal the design secrets of this budget Chennai kitchen.
Design guide for durable yet beautiful kitchen shutters!
l-shaped-kitchen-design-ideas L Shaped Kitchen Interior, Contemporary Kitchen Interior, Modern Kitchen Lighting, Rustic Modern Kitchen, Flat Interior, Scandinavian Kitchen, Kitchen Industrial
How We Transformed This 100 sq. ft. L-Shaped Space Into a Contemporary Kitchen Interior Design
What does it take for your kitchen renovation to look contemporary and timeless at the same time? Well, for Uma’s L-shaped kitchen interior design for Sobha Winchester in Chennai, it took careful deliberation on where to save and splurge her money. She, along with our Livspace designer, Lakshmi Priya, sensibly prioritised different aspects of her kitchen which resulted in this trendy and long-lasting design. Let’s find out how they made this possible.
best-colours-for-kitchen-design Kitchen Decor Themes, Home Decor Kitchen, Kitchen Furniture, Interior Designing, Kitchen Design Indian
Who Will Win In This War of Colours? Pink Kitchen in Chennai vs Blue Kitchen in Jaipur
Do you remember the game of Colour Man that we used to play as kids? So, when it comes to serene blue and vibrant pink, which colour do you choose? With this article, we decided to solve the conundrum for you! Two kitchens – a pink one in Jaipur and a blue one in Chennai. Who will win? Let’s find out!
Parallel Kitchen With Pooja Unit L Shaped Kitchen Designs, Kitchen Cupboard Designs, New Kitchen Designs, Modern Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Cabinets Laminate, Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design Colour
Contemporary Parallel Kitchen Design With Neutral Palette
This contemporary-style kitchen is compact and multifunctional. The parallel-shaped kitchen in a neutral colour base looks lovely. The designer dado tiles with countertop complement the autumn leaf laminates with a frosty white wall cabinet. The pooja room near the kitchen completes the look of the room.
L-Shaped Grey Modular Kitchen
Modern L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design In Grey
This spacious L-shaped kitchen is styled with modern interiors. This is ideal for medium-sized families. There is sufficient storage space in the open-long shelves and closed cabinets. The dado tiles design is pure white and blends with the room's motif. This beautiful design is also easy to maintain.
Light-Toned Modular Kitchen Design Kitchen Interior Design Modern
Compact Modular Kitchen Design In White
An elegant modular kitchen design with compact interiors. The strip lighting underneath the wall unit illuminates this space well. The colour palette is simple and subtle. This space is easy to maintain and fulfils the user's requirements.