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your corners take centre stage A patchwork of different-size frames with themed motifs round a corner creates a unique and strong expression.A patchwork of different-size frames with themed motifs round a corner creates a unique and strong expression. Living Room Decor, Bedroom Decor, Ikea Bedroom, Green Living Room Walls, Green Walls, Bedroom Furniture, Living Room Corners, Brown Furniture, Deco Design

Let your corners take centre stage - IKEA

Corners can be tricky to decorate. We give our best tips on how to make them the pride of your room.

Are you looking for ways to spruce up your desk decor? These 30 home desk ideas will inspire you to decorate your study in a beautiful but functional way. Fill your desk with cute and unique accessories you love. Desk Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Office. Home Office Design, Home Office Decor, Home Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Office Designs, Office Furniture, Furniture Ads, Commercial Architecture, Library Design

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僕の書斎スペース、これで十分です。と言うか、この一角、素敵過ぎ。 自宅階段踊り場の仕事場 (by H & A)

Design Office Room - A home office should be a comfy place, where you can focus without a distraction. A basement home office can provide you the peace you want from the bustle of your home, however in the home. Tiny Office, Small Space Office, Small Home Offices, Office Nook, Home Office Space, Home Office Design, Home Office Decor, Home Decor, Office Ideas

Janet Perry: Walk-in Closet to Home Office

I recently had a client who was in need of a home office workspace. Her initial plan of action was to move to another home, but she really loved her current space and location. We found a solution to this challenge by turning an underused guest closet into a home office. By adding paint, shelving,…

This is an amazing use of space! Diy Interior, Room Interior, Interior Decorating, Interior Design, Space Furniture, Home Furniture, Muebles Living, Japanese Interior, Home And Deco

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21 Budget-Friendly Cool DIY Home Bar You Need in Your Home After exhausting work, it is almost nothing. There is a built-in house bar. This item is 21 cool DIY home bar designs Diy Home Bar, Home Bars, Diy Bar, In Home Bar Ideas, Home Bar Designs, Cuisines Design, Deco Design, Design Moderne, Design Design

21 Budget-Friendly Cool DIY Home Bar You Need in Your Home | Architecture & Design

After busy work, almost nothing is as relaxing as enjoying a drink. But not every home has a built-in home bar. Before you start shopping for ready made bars, why not consider concocting your own bar lets you bring out your personal style. This article we will present you 21 cool DIY home bar designs […]

(改造後)使い勝手が劇的に向上した1.5畳の団地書斎! | 海獣記 Home Room Design, Home Office Design, Desk Inspiration, Workspace Design, Home Office Space, Interior Decorating, Interior Design, House Rooms, My Room


数エントリーに渡り、1.5畳書斎のDIYによる改造過程を紹介してきました。今回はいよい完成形をお披露目です。ここにたどり着くまで長かった(^^;まずは書斎の改造の目的・ポイントをおさらいです。 机上にパソコン関係の機器やカメラなどの機材や

Open Concept Rustic Modern Tiny House Photo Tour a. Open Concept Rustic Modern Tiny House Photo Tour and Sources Ana White Woodworking Projects Modern Tiny House, Tiny House Living, Tiny House Plans, Tiny House Design, Small Living, Tiny Guest House, Modern Mansion, Tiny House Office, Small House Diy

top understandings for 2020 on stylish Modern Plans Woodworking Tutorials products #WoodworkingFurnitureModern

Useful caddies on wheels for cookbooks to make for the kitchen Home Room Design, Home Interior Design, Kitchen Design, Deco Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Furniture Design, Japanese Tiny House, Small Apartment Design, Minimalist Home

隠せるカウンター下収納 マルチタイプ 幅79cm 通販 - ディノス


ディノス(dinos)オンラインショップ、こちらは薄型奥行15cm 国産杉の天然木ラック 幅41.5高さ85cmの商品ページです。商品の説明や仕様、お手入れ方法、 買った人の口コミなど情報満載です。 Muji Home, Small Studio Apartments, Modern Interior, Interior Design, Living Room Shelves, Stylish Home Decor, Japanese House, Deco Furniture, Wood Design

阮�蝙句・・陦�15cm 蝗ス逕」譚峨�ョ螟ゥ辟カ譛ィ繝ゥ繝�繧ッ 蟷�41.5鬮倥&85cm 騾夊イゥ - 繝�繧」繝弱せ

繝�繧」繝弱せ(dinos�シ峨が繝ウ繝ゥ繧、繝ウ繧キ繝ァ繝�繝励�∬埋蝙句・・陦�15cm 蝗ス逕」譚峨�ョ螟ゥ辟カ譛ィ繝ゥ繝�繧ッ 蟷�41.5鬮倥&85cm縺ョ蝠�蜩√�壹�シ繧ク縺ァ縺吶�ょ膚蜩√�ョ隱ャ譏弱d莉墓ァ倥�√♀謇句�・繧梧婿豕輔�� 雋キ縺」縺滉ココ縺ョ蜿」繧ウ繝溘↑縺ゥ諠�蝣ア貅�霈峨〒縺吶�ゅョ繧」繝弱せ縺ェ繧我サ」蠑墓焔謨ー譁咏┌譁吮�蛻昴a縺ヲ縺ョ縺願イキ縺�迚ゥ縺ァ繧ゅl縺ェ縺�1000蜀�繧ッ繝シ繝昴Φ繝励Ξ繧シ繝ウ繝茨シ�

Hata Tomohiro Architect & Associates - Kobe City home Wood Interior Design, Beautiful Interior Design, Exterior Design, Interior And Exterior, Minimalist Architecture, Interior Architecture, Concept Home, Japanese Interior, Minimalist Home



の机DIY/カウンター下にカウンター/椅子はまにあわせで^_^;/カフェっぽい椅子欲しい…などについてのインテリア実例を紹介。「昨日作ったカウンター下の机♪今朝からもう少し手を加えやっと完成‼︎以前ここに並べてたチェストリメイクして作りました。パソコンや雑誌も収納出来るように棚もつけました。この机でお店の帳簿をつけたり、お茶したり〜✨早速休憩にCoffeeタイム♪昨日息子が部活帰りに買ってきてくれたチョコと❤️」(この写真は 2015-05-11 14:00:43 に共有されました) Flat Ideas, Kitchen Living, House Rooms, Diy Woodworking, Home Bedroom, Boy Room, Kitchen Storage, Home And Living, Home Office

机/いいね!ありがとうございます♪/DIY/母の日のお花♪/椅子作れるかな...などのインテリア実例 - 2015-05-11 14:00:43 | RoomClip(ルームクリップ)


Compact stand alone closet Baby Room Storage, Closet Storage, Diy Storage, Trendy Baby, Diy Home Decor, Room Decor, Diy Simple, Kid Closet, Room Organization

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