Muffin-Roses - Pinning this just for the idea. I would love to try making these rolls with a ball of boudin inside or some jalapeno cheese sausage .mmmm(How To Make Recipes)

Potato Roses

*Potato Roses, Difficult to roll even Mandolin slices thin. Soak potato slices in melted butter. Overlap 8 potato slices than roll to form the rose. Put in muffin tin.

Jiji onigiri bento

I love cats, maybe I should try to make a bento with neko design this summer!

Cooking Gallery: Three Pale Chicks Bento

Cooking Gallery: Three Pale Chicks Bento Bento boxes are arranged for children's lunches by their parents.

Christmas bento

クリスマスグランプリ2013に参加中 - 12 19 弁当男子 クリスマス弁当

Can someone make this for us?? #Ghibli #anime

My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Studio Ghibli, bento, boxed lunch;



Chirashi-zushi, sushi rice with ingredients sprinkled on top

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