Itō Jakuchū   Plum Blossoms and Cranes, c. 1761–1765  from Colorful Realm of Living Beings,  Set of 30 vertical hanging scrolls, c. 1757–1766   ink and colors on silk 142.0 x 79.8 cm   Sannomaru Shōzōkan (The Museum of the Imperial Collections), The Imperial Household Agency, Tokyo.

伊藤 若冲 (Ito Jakuchu) - 梅花群鶴図 (scene of Japanese apricot blossoms and cranes) - Mid-Edo Period Century.

伊藤若冲『菊花(きく)』-「花卉図天井画」Jakuchu Ito

"Flowers, birds, grasses, and insects each have their own innate spirit. Only after one has actually determined the true nature of this spirit through observation should painting begin.

伊藤若冲『緋梅(すおうばい)』-「花卉図天井画」Jakuchu Ito

伊藤若冲『緋梅(すおうばい)』-「花卉図天井画」Jakuchu Ito

伊藤若冲『やまざくら』-「花卉図天井画 」Jakuchu Ito

, was a Japanese painter of the mid-Edo period…

伊藤若冲『蓮花(はす)』-「花卉図天井画」Jakuchu Ito

Artist Ito Jakuchu Japanese Woodblock Print Name Hasu (Lotus) Approx Image Size Height cm x Width cm (H " x W