Wow, this by far, one of the loveliest photographs of a geiko I have yet to see. Beautiful expression.

geisha-kai: “ January maiko Mamefuji of Gion Kobu by Gaap on Photohito ”

O-mikuji or Sacred Lots 1910s

O-mikuji (おみくじ) is a form of divination that relies on random chance. Traditionally, a small box with a slot in one end is shaken until a bamboo stick falls out. The stick has a number that corresponds to a slip of paper on which the fortune is revealed.

Geisha with hair down.  Photo taken about 1900 in Tokyo, Japan, by photographer Kazumasa Ogawa

Geisha with hair cascade Photo taken about 1900 in Tokyo, Japan, by Kazumasa Ogawa

taishou-kun:Geisha holding her kimono - 1930s Source : Blue Ruin 1 Flickr

Geisha holding her kimono This is a photograph of a beautiful Geisha standing outside of an Okiya or Geisha House. The decoration on her kimono appears to show a woman travelling in a Kago or Palanquin, carried by bearers.



It's pretty funny to see such an elegant woman (especially a Geisha) feeding chickens, but somehow it works.

Japanese Old Postcard Oiran Geisha Maiko Woman 1-332 Swimming Suit

Moga at the beach, Japan Modern girls ( modan gaaru?) were Japanese women…

vintage everyday: Rare Color Photos of Parisian Women from between 1930s and 1940s

These color photos of Parisian women were taken by French photographer Andre Zucca with rare Agfacolor film from between and Th.