Geisha or Geiko are expert entertainers in traditional Japanese arts of the highest calibre. This is a back view of a Maiko or Apprentice Geiko (Kyoto Geisha).

The talented women of Kyoto

The talented women of Kyoto

Above: Shoen Uemura “Waiting for the Moon”, 1926 Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art .


The maiko (apprentice geisha) Kyouka makes her way to the Tsurui tea house in the Gion district of Kyoto, Japan. I would love to go to the Gion district!


Silk kimono created by Keni Nakai. Winner of the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture Award at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese textile artist Exhibition award.

Obidome is the accessory of women's obi (kimono sash): photo by Stéphane Barbery

Detailed view of kimono, obi and obijime with fan tucked under the second layer and carved obi 'dome' ornament.