Japanese calligrapher, Koji KAKINUMA

BIG painting almost as performance art - theatrical, dramatic, physical - Japanese calligrapher, Koji KAKINUMA


jibadojo: “If you watch some kabuki performance, you will find probably that Kabuki and Aikido are near. Everything in the center (shushin) ”

The river that the umbrellas are floating peacefully on was used by the victims to try to cool their burns, burns which had never been experienced before in human history.

~~hiroshima umbrellas ~ umbrellas floating peacefully on the river to honor the victims of hiroshima by manthatcooks~~


vintagegal: Burt Glinn- Two apprentice Geishas on their way to evening appointments in Kyoto (Pontocho district) Japan, 1961 (via)

Rice planting festival in Gifu, Japan

Rice planting festival in Gifu, Japan. These women wear jackets and monpe with traditional hash-mark ikat weaving patterns. The ties holding back the sleeves of the woman in the foreground are called tasuki.