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A collection of inspirational and meaningful quotes perfect for every lover of the great outdoors. From simple walks and hikes in the woods, to longer treks and camping, we eagerly search for opportunities to escape into nature. Now there is a beautiful collection of inspired readings to take along the trail and read around the campfire, or just contemplate at home. The Nature Lover''s Quotation Book captures the imagination and the senses, while pondering the words and wisdom of some of the gre
Summer Solstice: An Essay a book by Nina Maclaughlin

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Life with picasso


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History, literature, and botany meet in this charming tour of how humans have relied on plants to nourish, shelter, heal, clothe, and even entertain us. Did you know that during World War II, the U.S. Navy paid children to collect milkweed’s fluffy white floss, which was then used as filling for life preservers? And Native Americans in the deserts of the Southwest traditionally crafted tattoo needles from prickly pear cactus spines. These are just two of the dozens of tidbits that Tammi Hartung
Letter To A Young Farmer: How To Live Richly Without Wealth On The New Garden Farm | Author: Gene Logsdon |  Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing |  Publication Date: Apr 05, 2018 |  Number of Pages: 232 pages |  Language: English |  Binding: Paperback |  ISBN-10: 160358806X |  ISBN-13: 9781603588065

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The Cloud Collector's Handbook by Gavin Pretor-Pinney at General Store
The riveting tale of two pioneering botanists and their historic boat trip down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon. In the summer of 1938, botanists Elzada Clover and Lois Jotter set off to run the Colorado River, accompanied by an ambitious and entrepreneurial expedition leader, a zoologist, and two amateur boatmen. With its churning waters and treacherous boulders, the Colorado was famed as the most dangerous river in the world. Journalists and veteran river runners boldly proclai
Discover the Forest from Seed to Snag. An engaging, fact-filled, and beautifully illustrated guide to a forest’s life cycle Includes wide range of natural history and facts about types of forests, tree species, tree biology, and more Full-color illustrations throughout and Seeds of Knowledge sidebars enliven and deepen understanding of tree science From the award-winning author of Earth Almanac In Knowing the Trees, naturalist and outdoor educator Ken Keffer explores our forests with both precis


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A conservation biologist and a printmaker team up for a fascinating, visually arresting guide to botanical history, biodiversity, and the rich inner lives of plants. A must-read for budding gardeners!Covering more than twenty-five subjects, from photosynthesis and permaculture to the hidden world of Victorian plant hunters, this stylish illustrated guide is packed with scientific insight into the critical role plants play in the drama of life on Earth. Did you know that some plants steal while others defend themselves against attack? That the largest cacti can reach sixty-six feet tall and weigh more than a car? That there are meat-eating plants the size of footballs? Readers young and old will marvel at the wondrous diversity and adaptability of plants, from trees and tropical species to
"This listing is for a beautiful book titled \"Wildflowers: How to Identify Flowers in the Wild and How to Grow Them in Your Garden\" by Rick Imes.  The book is copyright 1992 by Quarto Publishing, plc and published in the US by Rodale Press, Inc.  This book is gorgeous. It combines some beautiful photography with wonderful illustrations of each of the wild plants discussed for each region.  Information for each plant includes:  the Latin and common name of the plant,  it's family, a description, the blooming season, the preferred soil type, the rang, how to propagate and cultivate, it's uses, and what other living creatures the plant might attract.   The regions discussed are the: Eastern Woodlands, Western Woodlands, Wetlands, Deserts, Prairies, and Fields and Roadsides.    The book is i
This book is an essential, practical resource for anyone interested in biodiversity and sustainable gardening, featuring sections on container gardening, the no-dig method, how to maintain soil health, the principles for rewilding and wildflower gardening for success - it doesn't matter how big or small your space, you can still garden to support wild bees. From the author of Planting for Honeybees, The Wild Bee Handbook is a celebration of the wild pollinators and a beautifully illustrated, inf


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Fun and interactive  the Forest Tracks: What Animal Am I? Lift-the-Flap Board Book from Mudpuppy teaches little adventurers all about their favorite forest animals. Read the clues and make your guess!
The Midsummer Tomte And The Little Rabbits - By Ulf Stark (hardcover) : Target
Book Almost A Full Moon by Hawksley Workman

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the blueberry years book cover
The Blueberry Years: A Memoir of Farm and Family
the cover of almost a full moon, with an illustration of a house surrounded by flowers
Almost A Full Moon
Book Almost A Full Moon by Hawksley Workman
the foxwood kidmap book cover with an image of three children in winter clothes
The Foxwood Kidnap (Foxwood tales)
three children's books in different colors and designs, each with an animal theme
Natasha Durley | Colourful Illustration Inspired by Nature
Illustration | Natasha Durley
the animals of farthing wood by colin dann
The Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann | Goodreads
the cover of over and under the wetland
Over and Under the Wetland a book by Kate Messner and Christopher Silas Neal
Over and Under the Wetland a book by Kate Messner and Christopher Silas Neal