I love this! :D Kitty Obi!!! :D 画像1

[ Yet to be determined obi and musubi! But suspect Nagoya obi used for TAIKO (drum) musubi, with two ear twists :D ] - Fashion For You

Kitty obi and checks-too cute!

Rear view checkered black and white cat on gray mist Kasete band;

Kimono-hime issue 10. Fashion shoot page 48. Via Satomi Grim of Flickr

Furisode 3 Coordinate from Kimono Hime Vol. 10 Scans by BikaBika Check out that shigoki obi!

Painted geta with cats for a modern kimono or yukata coordinate 作品紹介 | ち日和 創作活動編

水玉猫下駄。☆Geta with polka dot & cats for a modern kimono or yukata coordinate.