Cat woman

Karlene is a BIG fan of Batman (the best superhero of all time) Karlene wishes for santa to bring her the supercool "Bat Moblie" that Anne Hathaway had a chance to ride in the movie The Dark Knight Rises .

1979 Trans Am

1979 Trans Am- My brother had this car. I hated riding to school in it. He scared me to death speeding.

This is the Porsche Type 64. This is considered to be the first Porshe and dates back to 1938 when Ferdinand decided to set a VW 60K 10 to compete in the Berlin-Rome Road Race. The start of WWII spoiled its debut but this was also the first time, the newly developed alloy accled alluminum, was used in this industry.

1939 Porsche Type 64 Berlin-Rome the primeval prehistoric Porsche.