Art Nouveau style doorway awning, Bucharest

Copertine Art Nouveau

One of the hallmarks of Fin de Siècle Bucharest is its great multitude of glazed doorway awnings, of a design similar with those fashionable in the France of that period. Indeed, if I were to chose…

Art nouveau inspired metal railing

Art Nouveau Wooden Stairs with Forged Steel Balusters and Railings - Kootenay Blacksmiths

So fabulous

this sparks a few repurpose ideas - vintage headboard or window, maybe decorative wrought iron piece hung as a pediment?


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Marquise auvent tradition revisitée fer forgé

Auvents et marquises subliment la maison

Marquise fer forgé Art Déco MA67 | Reignoux créations

Marquise fer forgé Art Déco MA67 | Reignoux créations