Ginzan Onsen Fujiya

In the Yamagata Perfecture in Japan, in the vicinity of the hot springs Ginzan the hotel Fujiya Inn has been created . Author of the project which brings beauty and modern Japanese architecture and design to the area is Kengo Kuma and Associates.

kengo kuma

For a client in Japan, architect Kengo Kuma created a guest bath clad in wooden slats and with a striking window wall that lends the feeling of a tree house. The rectangular tub and basin are made of hiba wood and are offset by a sculptural stool.

Japanese Kitchen

Interior Design, Chrome Sink Bar Brown Vanity Brown Wall Cabinet Brown Wooden Ceiling Brown Wooden Floor Wooden Sling Door Japanese Style Kitchen And Brown Wooden Wall ~ Cozy Modern Japanese House Displaying Peaceful Zen-Inspired Interior

Meigetsu-in temple, Kamakura, Japan 明月院 鎌倉

Beautiful round door/window and the lights on the ceiling Meigetsu-in temple, Kamakura, Japan 明月院 鎌倉

Palace Hotel Tokyo's private dining in Wadakura restaurant

Palace Hotel Tokyo in Japan - Wadakura Restaurant - Private Dining - Learn Japanese dining etiquette with your colleagues in style