CO2 Poster. Climate change. Extinction. Repin by On the Green Front the leading green radio talk show, with host Betsy Rosenburg:

“One-third of all animal species are at risk of extinction by 2050 unless greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by The Consequences of Emissions. (by Joe Scorsone, Alice Drueding, United.

this bottle has a very unique wrap going around the entire bottle which looks great with how the teal and black match. the fish make the bottle very playful

Taste of Greece

Taste of Greece is Ouzo, a traditional Greek alcoholic beverage. The concept from Dolphins // Communication Design was to embody Greece and all its traditions.

Aquarium fish

look at all the pretty fishies (and some shrimps too)! yea, i kinda got tired having to submit mam (mini aquarium member) series one by one. it just feels stupid! when all the time i cou.

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