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emotional pancakes

Wacky Waffles for the Whole Family

Maybe inside recess?? -- Forget the kids - I want to do this! How cool! Linked to directions. Way easier than it looks. I loveeeeee to color....so relaxing!!

I loved doing this in art class. Art With Mr. E: Line Design w/Shading - Grade Very cool, fun art shading project from Art With Mr. E. he's an elementary art specialist. Try this with your kids (but I think grown ups would enjoy this too).

Make these nifty characters when learning about emotions (faces spin to express feelings). You can also take photos of your kiddo making faces and insert them instead!

Toilet roll dolls with changing faces. For teaching moods or expressions. Or for Purim to put different expressions on the characters faces - Haman happy, sad, angry scared etc. or put kids faces inside!

I pinned this idea awhile ago, but it took a lot of searching to actually find the original website. Instead of trying to find it again, I thought I'd just create a new pin. The idea is cool - I would include pictures with the words for non-readers.

Dice game with emotions on one die, animals on another. Kids act out, learn about emotions. - SweeterThanSweets: Emotional Animals Game: Teach Kids about Emotions