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10 Favorites: The Unexpected Appeal of Plywood

Instead of relying on plasterboard that would be too costly, architect Davor Popadich chose to use plywood to line his New Zealand home's interior. In addition to being cost effective, the plywood highlights the builders' craftsmanship.

+ node / UID Architects

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Node House is a single family home designed by UID Architects in Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan. The site is located at the node point of .

Ant-house / mA-style architects

Ant-house / mA-style architects

'Ant-house' - a small house designed like an "Ant's nest" out of timber in Shizuoka, Japan, by mA-style architects. A large cube enclosing an open space forming sub-spaces that resemble a nest. Photographs by Kai Nakamura.

Flinders Lane Apartment is a minimalist house located in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Clare Cousins.

Flinders Lane Apartment

cabbagerose: living large in small spaces: flinders lane apartment,melbourne/clare cousins architects via: yellowtrace