Japanese house

Traditional indoor fire pit known as an irori, which sometimes sits on a raised seating platform. From: Japan Country Living: Spirit, Tradition, Style

Japanese Garden

Wash place/basin , for hand washing before entering the jinja, Shinto shrine - Japan

Japanese tea garden

Japan, Kyoto (京都) and Namikawa Cloisonné Museum (並河靖之七宝記念館). Okay I put this here because it's just an amazing relaxing place

Japanese Home and Garden

for part of house exterior - on-route to Namimori Shrine. Tsumi ends up buying this place after previous elderly owners pass on and their grandchildren move to Tokyo

Japanese corridor

Hallway with windows, windows with dark panes, large plank wood floor *Idea for entry of future house*

Dark elegance | Takayama #japan #gifu

Takayama in Gifu, Japani love the soji screen. They are so beautiful for the master bedroom closet doors.

Japanese Window Sill

Warm and cold colours. Clean lines. "By the window" Japanese plum in that blue vase Japanese restaurant. The house was reconstructed in a new location from Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayamaa.