Japanese Fashion - Kimono

Japanese Fashion - Kimono- NOTE THE SHAPE especially the layering at the v-neck with thin silks and the petal furling of the robe and skirt. Also, sleeves add an interesting scarf/shawl/wrap dimension and could move interestingly.

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In Kimonos dressed young women from Japan; located: Japan, Far - East Turan . japonya ' da bulunan: Japonya, far-east turan


This beautiful UCHUKAKE is usually brocaded or embroidered with the motif of congratulations such as cranes, pines, and a bounty of flowers. It is believed that UCHIKAKE started to be worn by the high-clas

フルコーデ/美しいきものの世界 - 振袖レンタル・成人式の振袖|伝統のきものいしげ 着付け着方教室も開講(千葉・銚子・旭・匝瑳・茨城・神栖・鹿嶋)地区着物

KIMONO ISHIGE My Mother had kimonos made for each of us in Japan. I have mine hanging in a bedroom with a bamboo pole going though it for display.