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Wedding Hair and Makeup Inspiration and 2011 Trends

pretty invite.

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Melbourne Wedding by Adrian Tuazon + The White Tree

lilac bouquet, white peony, pink tulip and light purple hyacinth bouquet Spring romantic (hyacinth is something unique you could do in March and it smells really good -KH)

Audrey Hepburn

Pretty Under a Parasol Audrey Hepburn wears a sundress and holds a colorful umbrella in "People associate me with a time when movies were pleasant, when women wore pretty dresses in films, and you heard beautiful music," she once said.


This rhinestone hair comb accentuates a romantic loose bun. (Photo by: Courtesy of Charlotte Jenks Lewis)


These up-do hairstyles are so simple, you'll want to wear one every time you go out. So below are out top to traditional up-do hairstyles for those occasions you want to ooze sophistication or just to make it simple.

ロザリウム(Rosarium)  アプリコットファンデーションとパールのブーケ


ロザリウム(Rosarium) アプリコットファンデーションとパールのブーケ



Japanese bride


Pretty Japanese Bride in a Lovely White Furisode Kimono with Cherry Blossoms and Peonies

Ref.5619 - 和装 - COLLECTION|丸三屋 BRIDARIUM MUE(ブライダリウム ミュー)

Ref.5619 - 和装 - COLLECTION|丸三屋 BRIDARIUM MUE(ブライダリウム ミュー)

Navy and white striped ribbons secured the bridesmaid bouquets. Photograph by Belathée Photography.

A Palm Beach Wedding

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