Elizabeth Suzann Studio

Another repeat of the idea I have for a studio - lots of windows, huge doors, and high ceilings. Otherwise, I think it would be stifling and claustrophobic. (Shown: Elizabeth Suzann Studio)


Wouldn't it be awesome if our garage looked anything like this! Anya Hindmarch New York flagship, Madison Avenue. What a neat bindery!

Christoph Niemann - Illustrator, Studio, Mitte, Berlin http://www.freundevonfreunden.com/workplaces/christoph-niemann/

Christoph Niemann - Illustrator, Studio, Mitte, Berlin (from Freunde von Freunden) Views of Christoph at work in his light filled setting in Mitte.

old French ~ 1. to rest; 2. to stay at a given place.

My dream to have a large studio to paint, build, sew, and do pottery. And, a large kitchen to bake my cakes. Two most important rooms:) I'd be in heaven. (How To Build A Shed Art Studios)

dark corners and dappled light, greenery, rusted metal

// greenhouse I dream of a very cool green house where I can plant seeds, tend flowers, and also do arts and crafts.

Inspiring Workspaces: cosy woodland ceramic studio in rural Canada

Inspiring Workspaces: Maboue

Maboue designer Soleil Fleming's standalone ceramics shop in wooded, rural Canada is giving us a serious case of studio envy.


Overgaard & Dyrman are convinced that a piece of furniture should appear beautiful even when turned upside down or inside out.

The Society inc. by Sibella Court Warehouse - Vogue Living March/April 2015

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Plants and skylights and flat file cabinets oh my! Mark Mahaney I. Magazine I. Creative Workspaces Ted Mueling studio New York, New York

明るい窓際なら、本棚やシェルフに観葉植物をまとめてみましょう。  上部の棚には、アイビーやポトス、フィカス等の蔓性の観葉植物。 中段は目が届きやすいので、小さな鉢。 下の段には、ボリュームや高さがある鉢。  本や小物と共に飾れば、あなた好みの植物園に。


Depends on which way this window faces. If you are obsessed with plants, turn your book shelve into a plant shelf. Good way to display them and free up your floor space.