Aesop Osaka. Architect Shinichiro Ogata from the firm Simplicity.

osaka: aesop store opening

Restaurant Aut vincere aut mori on...

Shop, boutique, сafe, restaurant, оffice and other. **************************************Restaurant "Aut vincere aut mori" on Behance

The ARCHive: Sam Kuhn

usfsacd: “ Sam Kuhn, USF School of Architecture, Class of 2014 Core Design “Design 1 Final: Student Center” - Fall Prof. Steve Cooke This site is located on the campus of USF, between two pre-existing dormatories. The buiding would function.

T Y さんの Graphics & Typography ボードのピン | Pinterest

SIGNAGE Tangent Cafe—nice typography Love the kerning. The space between the letters makes this example of typography crisp and clean cut, very modern/forward-thinking feel pushed through it. This is probably a new age coffee shop.

pastel colours mixed with wooden cylinders and white text vinyl applied to polished concrete floor

Design studio Your Friends curated and designed the exhibition, "Utformasjon" in collaboration with product designers StokkeAustad and ODL at Galleri ROM.