I knew instantly that the poster related to the environment from the sight of grass. I think the grid method was a nice choice for this poster as well as the circular pattern.

この発想は斬新すぎる! わざと右下を留めないアイスクリーム屋のポスター

この発想は斬新すぎる! わざと右下を留めないアイスクリーム屋のポスター

Ice Cream Poster - Fantastic, double printed, posters designed for ice cream Kibon, by the designer Renata El Dib. Posters represents reminds one side of the texture of an ice cream and the other one to the ice cream cone.

La Chocolaterie est la nouvelle adresse des accros au cacao, les fondus de la tablette, les nostalgiques du chocolat chaud.

Just opened in Paris's arrondissement, the latest venture into the world of chocolate by patisserie chef and restaurateur Cyril Lignac has the city's streets awash with the sweet smell of cacao.

Delicate Patterning On A Premium Letterpress Business Card For A Designer

This beautiful business card features delicate and intricate patterning which has been boldly printed in bright blue on white using the letterpress method.


Leads the eye straight downward with the legs despite the monotone uses of the same color--still flows well