jim hodges

Jim Hodges Rocks Sculptures

Diy with rocks and metallic paint.New York artist Jim Hodges has created these beautiful works. It's hard to get an idea of scale in these images.

Deer sculpture made completely of glass. love! somehow i need to make a sculpture of a deer, made out of wood. ah! 剥製にガラスの球体を付けるという発想と大小のガラスの球体の配置バランスが良いと思う。お気に入りの作品です

This sculpture looks like a deer, covered with dew. In fact, everything is made of glass balls of different colors. The result is a very interesting sculpture that looks like a real deer - By Kohei Nawa


bluebirdsfloat: “ Sarah Blood - Luna Fossil IV 2010 Flameworked glass, argon, cement, pigment Approx 63 x 63 x ”


Swings by Philippe Malouin for Caesarstone

London designer Philippe Malouin has used solid-surface material Caesarstone to form the seats of twelve swings arranged in a circle - beautiful - great idea for a meeting room/brainstorming ;

Jean Arp - Image Abstraction and Distorition Ik vind deze afbeelding wel leuk door het contrast tussen het zwart en wit, alleen is de lelijke kleur die voor de achtergrond is gekozen zeker minder.

Collage", At 'VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, (Germany), - Art by Jean 'Hans' Arp (b. 1888 - d.

atsushi iinuma | Shades of Grey #artwork #grey #concrete

Artwork with a touch of design - concrete finishes as artwork for your wall! Do you want a concrete wall?

Design Envy

Design Envy · Shadow Faces: Kumi Yamashita origami - single light source and shadow.

ORIGAMI 「動きのあるウサギ」ロナルド・コー作、イン・ブン・チュン制作

Couldn't resist pinning this charming origami bunny rabbit. Surface to Structure: An Origami Exhibition Featuring 80 Paper Artists at Cooper Union paper origami exhibition.

///////////////////////////: 画像

Conrad Jon Godly’s Abstract Mountains Represent Power, Spirituality, and Imperishable Magnificence. When looking at Swiss painter Conrad Jon Godly’s mounta