How to make a healthy lunch box. Recipes for packing, quick, simple and easy lunch boxes for kids and adults. Do it yourself cheap, diet meals to go. for-the-kid-snacks-and-lunch

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Tawara-gata Onigiri, Barrel-shaped Japanese Rice Balls Bento Lunch by ivory_bell

Project Lunchbox: 30 days of homemade, unprocessed, healthy lunches. Has a link to a PDF that includes all the meals. Because teachers need to eat a good school lunch, too!


- Lunch idea - Turkey Wrap – large tortilla spread with a thin layer of cream cheese and a single layer of: deli turkey, baby spinach, sliced fresh tomato - Fresh raspberries - Cucumber “chips” - Homemade granola bar - Milk

Lunch Menu #14

Lunch box idea: Chicken on pita, hummus, grape tomatoes, baby carrots and grapes.

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